#beamazing LimeLife

Let’s Walk A Path To Greatness Together

When I was young, I overheard my parents talking about their friend’s business success. My mother said, “That is so exciting! I hope he goes out and does something great.” I was totally confused – didn’t he just do something great? I later realized what she meant – accomplishment does not automatically mean greatness. To be great, we need to be so much more than our accomplishments.

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Decades later, the incredible success of LimeLight has presented our company with the question, how are we going to move past accomplishment into greatness? Enter LimeLight’s Brighter Together Foundation. Like everything in this journey, this Foundation was written in the stars. It was born from the incredible spirit of our customers, sales field, family, and business partners who firmly believe that accomplishment is just a stepping-stone on a path to greatness.   The rest of that path requires gratitude, humility, generosity, and above all, love. When you commit to a journey that extends past accomplishment, your world and the entire world around you can transform.


Here at LimeLight we are committed to this journey and have started an aggressive program to fund our Brighter Together Foundation. 100% of our Foundation funds pass through to programs that develop female entrepreneurs in the most impoverished countries. These leaders intuitively go past business accomplishment toward greatness by helping elevate and impact their communities.


So this week, don’t just shop us because we have the best makeup (which we do), incredible, chemical-free skin care (yes, that too), professional tools (check and check) or the most adorable holiday collections ever (ho, ho, ho yeah).  Shop us because the path to greatness will be a lot more fun with you next to us.


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