The Solution to Simple Makeup? I’ll Give You a Hint!

Some days we wear lipstick, some days we don’t, and some days we’re in-between. That is where sheer lipstick comes in. A sheer lipstick is the perfect solution to adding a tint of color to your lips while keeping your look simple and natural.

Simple (‘simpəl) adjective- 1. Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty: a simple solution.  2. Plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without much decoration or ornamentation. 3. Used to emphasize the fundamental and straightforward nature of something.

Simple has a different definition to different people. To some people (me) less is more, but to others, more is more. I’m all about a red lip- and I encourage it, but sometimes all you need is a minimal amount of makeup just to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. Sorry that sounded cheesy, but its true! (Side note: wish someone told me this when I discovered eyeliner in middle school.)

The easiest way to enhance a natural look is with Take a Hint Sheer Lip Colors. Their creamy formula has a satin finish that hydrates and protects lips while giving them a hint of color.

While their color and barely there feel are amazing, the best part is that you can layer them to achieve the perfect amount of desired pigment. Apply one layer for the sheerest finish and keep your lipstick companion with you throughout the day. Apply a couple more layers to bump up your makeup without stopping back home for last minute plans!

Life is too short to spend hours applying makeup. A makeup routine that requires less time means more time to live your life…and look amazing doing it-its simple!




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