Lottie For LimeLight Launches Today (Finally!)

The wait is over! The shades have been revealed and today is the day you can finally get your hands on them. In case you are just hearing, LimeLight has teamed up with the ultra talented makeup artist, Lottie Stannard, to create two amazing eyeshadow palettes and three amazing long-lasting liquid lipsticks.

Meet Lottie

bts_0104If you Google Lottie, you will find out that she was born and raised in Southern California, received education in graphic design, moved to London, and worked in design until she later found her true calling- makeup. In a Google search you will also find numerous covers she has worked on in the US and abroad, the countless celebrities she has worked with, and a lengthy list of her clients including Calvin Klein, Urban Decay, and Bergdorf Goodman. Long story short, she’s very, very talented. What you will not find in a Google search, is that she is incredibly driven, non-stop hardworking, and more importantly, humble. If you meet Lottie you would never guess that she has assisted Pat McGrath, travels the world to work her makeup magic, or that she has touched our favorite celebrity faces including Nicole Richie, Taylor Swift, and Halsey (jealous). What the internet won’t tell you is that she used to wake up at midnight to open Christmas presents from Santa, played with them, and then put them back (genius), loves her dog, friends, and husband (not in that order), is a huge fan of The Cure, and she knows exactly what to order at Capital Grill. Basically, she’s the kind of person you want to be friends with and she might even inspire you to dye your hair “opal.”

Meet the Collection

Dazzle Eyeshadow Palette

Limelight_cosmetics_eye shadow_Lottie Dazzle palette_Large Img.jpg



Dream On Eyeshadow Palette



Enduring Lip Color inMia


Enduring Lip Color in Elle

Limelight_cosmetics_lips_liquid lipstick_enduring lip color_Lottie_elle.jpg

Enduring Lip Color in Ash

Limelight_cosmetics_lips_liquid lipstick_enduring lip color_Lottie_ash copy.jpg

Collection is available for purchase here– while supplies last!Lottie_Collection_A.jpgXO



  1. Corey Riley posted your line on FB & she is wearing your mascara . Her face looks so natural, not all made up. What a great way to market your line. I’m very interested in your products


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