You Need a Skincation

Your skin works hard to keep you healthy and protected, so treat it to the well deserved vacation it has earned. The good news is, you do not have to travel further than your shower to treat your skin to some serious TLC. One body scrub is all you need to pack for a little at home Skincation.

Scrubtini is full of natural ingredients that your skin craves to stay healthy and hydrated. Not to mention, it leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing, just like you do when you return from a relaxing, tropical vacation. (Not a weekend in Las Vegas.) Scrubtini contains natural and certified organic ingredients that work together to:

  • exfoliate away dead skin cells
  • promote the regeneration of new skin cells
  • hydrate and retain moisture
  • fight against the buildup of acne causing bacteria
  • protect skin against harmful environmental damage
  • treat infections and skin disorders such as psoriases and eczema
  • prevent and erase signs of aging

The ingredients you will notice with your eyes closed are sugar, virgin coconut oil, and lemon verbena because of its deliciously sweet, lemon and coconut cocktail scent- hence its name, Scrubtini. While these ingredients alone work wonders, there are multiple other ingredients involved in the Scrubtini “cocktail” that you may or may not have heard of. If you have heard of them, you may not know about the amazing benefits they offer to your skin. Here is a list of the key players in Scrubtini that make it the perfect skincare cocktail for all ages.

White Rock Candy Crystals1Sugar is one of the key ingredients in Scrubtini because of its unexpected skincare benefits. Sugar promotes the turnover of new skin cells because it is a natural source of glycolic acid. Healthy skin cell turn over is beneficial to regenerate fresh, youthful looking skin and prevent the signs of aging. Sugar also acts as a minimally abrasive exfoliator that gently removes dead skin cells to reveal the soft, fresh skin beneath. Once the sugar is done exfoliating, it dissolves into the skin to help absorb moisture from the environment and create a barrier. Because sugar is a natural humectant, it helps absorb and retain moisture to keep your skin hydrated.


Virgin coconut oil is one of the best ingredients to naturally hydrate, restore, and protect your skin. Average moisturizers contain a high content of water, which results in skin that is temporarily hydrated. Coconut oil deeply penetrates skin to hydrate and maintain moisture to keep your skin soft and glowing for a longer period of time. While there is ongoing research to determine whether or not coconut oil is responsible for curing skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema, coconut oil treats and protects skin from microbial infections. It is suggested not to apply oil to skin affected by acne, however, coconut oil has been said to be an exception because of its ability to remove and prevent the buildup of bacteria that clogs pores. In addition, coconut oil naturally protects skin against harmful UV rays.

olive_oil.jpgHydrogenated vegetable oil is another natural way to hydrate and retain moisture in skin. The oil is hydrogenated so it can remain effective and fresh without being refrigerated. The process of hydrogenation is beneficial to keep natural skin care from becoming oxidized or rancid  and increases the longevity of the product at room temperature. The process is done by adding a molecule of hydrogen from hydrogen gas using a catalyst, such as nickel, to stabilize the oil and extend its shelf life. Because rancid oils and fats are bad for the skin, this process is beneficial to keep products safe to be used topically. Because hydrogenated oils are saturated fats, some believe that hydrogenated oils are not desirable in skin care. It is not healthy to consume an excessive amount of saturated fats, however consumption of hydrogenated fats are not related to their use in topical skin care. Just don’t eat it!

shutterstock_338817563Just like pomegranate fruit, the oil that is cold pressed from its tiny seeds have amazing antioxidant properties. The oil can erase visible signs of aging, increase collagen production, and firm skin. Pomegranate seed oil is high in Omega-5 which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-5 fatty acid is known to sooth irritated skin, prevent wrinkles, and provide protection against sun damage. It is also great to for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis and sunburned skin.


Shea butter is a great ingredient to hydrate, repair, and naturally protect your skin against environmental damage. It is naturally rich is essential fatty acids and vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin F making it a skin care superfood. It is found in a numerous amount of skin care products, especially moisturizers, but it is important to make sure you are using it in its unrefined form. Click here to learn more about the difference.

soybean-pod.jpgLecithin helps to hydrate, replenish, and repair skin because of its high content of fatty acids. While it has a not natural looking looking name, it is actually derived from soybeans. Lecithin has the ability to penetrate deeply into the epidermis and carry other ingredients along with it to a healthy cellular level. It plays an important roll in cell growth and function and has the ability to protect and restore skin cells.


Rosemary oil has the ability to cleanse skin without drying it out. Because it has antiseptic properties, it kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin making it ideal for people who suffer from acne, eczema, or psoriasis. The oil also maintains your skin’s cellular health by improving skin circulation and stimulating cell renewal.


Litsea cubeba fruit oil (lit-see cub-beb-a oil?) is great for people with oily skin that are prone to acne or breakouts. Like rosemary oil, it is a natural astringent that cleanses pores and has antimicrobial properties. This ingredient also helps control excessive perspiration and combats the bacteria that leads to body odor.



Lemon Verbena and citrus lemon peel oil are the ingredients responsible for giving Scrubtini its fresh, lemony scent. Because of its strong antiseptic properties, lemon verbena and citrus lemon peel oil are great to reduce acne, puffiness, or inflamed skin. It has also been proven to act as a natural “Goo-Be-Gone” to un-stick stickers, gum, or goo that children (or you) leave behind.

Warning: do not eat or add vodka to this body scrub, as much as you will want to.

Grab yourself a Scrubtini and cheers to happy, healthy, and hydrated skin!




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