Don’t Blow Your Cover

In a world of a million different concealers, it can be hard to decide what concealer works best. LimeLight takes the guess work, heavy research, and trial and error out of the equation for you and gives you Kryolan’s Dermacolor Camouflage Creme. This concealer is highly pigmented, thick, creamy, and when applied correctly results in perfect coverage and a natural finish. This heavy duty concealer was designed to correct and cover skin disfigurements, discolorations, and even tattoos requiring only a small amount of product. Lighter concealers typically result in using more product to achieve higher coverage, when you can be using less product with higher pigmentation for even greater coverage. This product has been relied on by professional makeup artists for decades which is why it is the formula of LimeLight’s Waterproof Complete Concealer. This concealer is so powerful it can withstand extreme conditions such as swimming, heat, or sweat, making it the perfect solution for covering tattoos. Made a bad decision on your 18th birthday? Want to say “I do” at your wedding, but your fiancé says “I don’t” to your tat? For a quick, temporary fix, here is what you will need:


Covering a tattoo works best on skin that is smooth and hairless. For the most natural results, first shave the area that you would like to cover if possible. Once the surface is clean and smooth, spray the area with First Base Makeup Primer to prep for application and for long lasting results.


Once the primer dries, color correct the tattoo by applying Concealer #4 (orange undertone) to black or dark blue areas and Concealer #1 (yellow undertone) to pink or red areas with a concealer brush. Once this is done, set with Perfect Pressed Powder.

Next, select the shade that closely matches your skin tone and apply to entire area with either your concealer brush or your finger. I prefer fingers because it warms the product to become body temperature, resulting is an even more natural finish. Once the area is completely covered, repeat process until the tattoo disappears before your eyes!

To really seal the deal, top off your coverage with a spritz of 10 Years Younger Setting Spray   and…what tattoo?

See for yourself!

Renee is an ex so…bye Renee.



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