Be Browerful

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul…which means eyebrows are the window frames to the soul…right? I do not work in construction but I’m pretty sure a window is useless without a window frame. It is no secret that amazing brows have become a huge trend the past few years both on the runway and on social media. I discovered my love for eyebrows the same day I discovered my girl crush on Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid. Eyebrows have even coined their own term… “fleek,” to describe one’s eyebrows being “on point.” Scholars are still researching to determine this word’s true meaning…but so far have had no success. While trends come and go, the full and bold brow look has stuck around – and for good reason. These are the steps I take everyday to achieve Delevingne/Hadid inspired power brows.

What you need

Tame & Prep

IMG_3934_FotorjUsing the spoolie end of your Brow Tamer, comb your brows upward to ensure the hairs are going in the same direction.

IMG_3956_FotorPlace the brush on the side of your nose to determine where your brows should ideally start.

IMG_3965_FotorAngle the brush from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your brow (about 45 degrees) to determine where your brows should ideally end.

Fill Me In

IMG_3990_FotorUsing the angled liner end of the Brow Tamer and Perfect Eyeshadow #28 (or a shade that matches your brows) define the shape of your brow without overly filling the inside corners.

IMG_4195_FotorContinue to fill in each brow evenly with short strokes mimicking the growth of the hair. (Remember, eyebrows are not sisters- they are twins.)

IMG_4054_FotorBrush through brows again with the spoolie end to blend and soften any harsh lines.

IMG_4074_FotorSpritz the spoolie end of your Brow Tamer with 10 Years Younger Setting Spray and gently comb though brows once more to hold your work of art in place.

IMG_4392_FotorAnd boom your basically a runway model/It Girl.

Your turn!



P.S. *Below is my life in a nutshell*


One comment

  1. Love this! My favorite part… Brushes eyebrows. Doesn’t brush hair! I mean lets be honest a messy bun is awesome with great brows right 🙂


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